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For over 25 years we’ve been helping our clients tell their story on the live stage with creative ideas and technical precision. We firmly believe that, by using innovative virtual event production techniques, virtual events can have the same power and emotional impact as their physical counterparts.

Our solutions bring the magic of real event production into digital platforms, to connect you with online audiences through real-time live experiences, in stunning 3D venues.

Whether you are looking to produce a simple pre-recorded virtual event or an immersive 3D live experience, we offer robust solutions combined with the technical expertise to deliver them seamlessly.

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Our Virtual Event Solutions

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You Film, We Create

To create slick and professional virtual events, our You Film, We Create virtual event production service offers a cost-effective solution for clients who need to elevate their online event, but don’t necessarily need to film the video content in a studio environment. Your hosts and performers film their content themselves at home, and we do the rest!

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The Virtual Studio

Using the same 3D graphics engine used by Hollywood studios and the world’s leading video game designers, we can place your event hosts into our 3D virtual studio. This immersive environment can be branded and incorporate big screens, dynamic lighting designs and live audience interaction tools in order to take your virtual event to the next level.

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The Live@Home virtual events concept brings a true live experience to your online audience in an immersive 3D environment, where interaction and live presentation is at the heart of the concept. This unique platform allows hosts, performers and even your audience to be placed digitally into a stunning virtual setting, alongside live production elements.

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Live@Home harnesses the power of mixed reality to bring your event content into an immersive 3D environment, with audience interaction and live presentation at the heart of the concept.

Thanks to this advanced virtual event production technology, your online event can either take place in an iconic venue such as the British Museum, or take your audience to a completely bespoke immersive environment limited only by the power of your imagination.

Our combination of a live event experience and the very latest 3D technology will amaze your audience, surpass expectations and power your message forward during these challenging times.


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Our Approach

In-house Green Screen Broadcast Studio

Virtual Event Production Studio-Before Virtual Event Production Studio-After

Our west London HQ now boasts a fully equipped green screen studio to film content for use in both our Virtual Studio and Live@Home platforms, with all the technology to either pre-record your event or broadcast live.

Our virtual event production facilities have been carefully designed to be a safe environment, with a 10-metre-wide green screen stage to ensure multiple hosts can present together with social distancing maintained. Separate Green Rooms and remote technical control areas also ensure content can be created safely and guests feel comfortable before going on-stage.

Remote Studio Solutions

Live at Home with a Remote Presenter

Our technology also allows you to present from home and retain full control over your Keynote or PowerPoint presentation slides. We can even arrange for a mobile green screen kit to be sent to your home, allowing remote presenters to be seamlessly integrated into the virtual venue experience.

Alternatively, we can link the Virtual Studio with several remote presenters via online video platforms to enable panellists to appear on-stage with live hosts, allowing conversations and debates to overcome geographical challenges.

The infinite possibilities of 3D technology

Virtual Event Production - Live at Home - British Museum 2

Your stage and backdrop can be anywhere – in the virtual world, anything is possible! We have a number of venues and virtual studios pre-designed for short lead-times, but we have the tools to create any iconic venue or immersive 3D world from scratch.

Keep your audience engaged

Our platform is all about giving your audience the ultimate experience, and interactivity is at the heart of that mission. We use proven technologies to seamlessly integrate live voting, Q&A, social media, emoticons and even auctions into our virtual environments. Your audience can even have a digital presence in the virtual venue by using Avatars, which are then placed into the 3D setting.

Create the ultimate virtual experience


Thanks to our large studio facility, we can capture live performances such as dancers, DJs and bands in the green screen environment and then place the performance centre-stage in your virtual venue. We then add in the dynamic lighting effects and 3D visuals to deliver jaw-dropping performances which keep your online audience fully engaged.

The right streaming platform for your online event

Whether your virtual event needs to reach 100 or 100,000+, we have access to the right streaming tech to deliver the experience to your audience. This includes highly secure platforms for paid-for events or confidential presentations. We can also embed your live stream into websites with other interactive features such as 1-2-1 networking rooms, virtual exhibition booths and gamification. After the event, we deliver audience analytics to help you measure impact and ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – we have a mobile studio solution which brings all the technology needed to film on location, either streaming live or pre-recording for broadcast at a later date. Our approach maintains social distancing at all times and we have all the relevant Health & Safety documents outlining how the studio can be set-up, operated and de-rigged safely in your home or workplace.

There is only really one golden rule when working in green screen studios – don’t wear anything green! Other than that, the studio provides a flexible environment for creating your virtual event content. We can even mix physical and virtual sets, which means furniture, props and objects can be placed on set and they will appear within the virtual studio. This method of virtual event production is also perfect for showcasing products as part of your online event.

We would suggest a sensible number of people to have one screen at the same time is a maximum of 4, otherwise things start to look very busy! However, our technology can handle up to 12 remote presenters on screen together as well as the live studio host, if required.

We can propose a number of platforms which offer enhanced security. For example, we can set a password which is sent to your invited guests which they then have to use to access the online event. Alternatively we can set-up a robust registration system where unique invite links are sent by email to each person who is eligible to attend, preventing them from forwarding the live stream link to others who might not be invited to watch.

We have a number of interactive tools which can be seamlessly integrated into your virtual event. For example, we can embed a chat or Q&A side bar alongside your video stream, and the host in the live studio can have a tablet or screen showing them what the audience are asking to enable instant reaction. This demonstrates to your audience that their comments and questions are being reviewed in real-time, encouraging further engagement. We can also make members of your audience watching at home live during a show, allowing them to interact with the studio host or ask questions directly.

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