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Everything You Need To Know For Hosting Your Virtual Conference Event

A virtual conference is an opportunity to deliver value, content, and key messages to customers, colleagues, and shareholders – all from the comfort of your participant’s own homes and office spaces.

When it comes to establishing the key benefits of a virtual conference, one only has to look at budgeting and the scale of each event, and the advantages immediately start to outweigh the potential challenges. In this article we will uncover and explore the benefits of virtual conferences and what exactly companies need to know in order to bring theirs to life without a hiccup.

Why should companies hold a Virtual Conference?

As explored in our piece on virtual AGMs, one of the top benefits of a virtual conference is the ability to reach a wider audience and thus make a bigger impact – without the financial commitments of largescale physical conferences.

A virtual conference means that presenters will be invited to create and deliver their own presentations to a limitless crowd of online participants, providing attendees with greater flexibility and giving the presenter more control over how attendees experience their event. It also allows for content to be recycled and turned into everything from social media quote posts to blog posts, podcasts, video adverts and more.

So, with all of this opportunity and potential for long term growth, what exactly should companies consider?

Virtual Event Production - Hosting A Virtual AGM Discussion

What do companies need to consider before organising a Virtual Conference?

Here at Wise Productions, virtual conferences are just a small segment of what we do – with clients coming to us for everything from fundraisers to advertising videos, AGMs to launch events. As such, we pride ourselves in our ability to work to any brief and serve any and every industry – creating engaging and seamless events across a multitude of audience types and sizes.

And that leads nicely into the first thing that companies need to consider: the size of their conference and how they are going to market and provide access to their event. This all comes down to the platform that the company chooses, with different platforms offering different levels of audience participation, different sizing allowances, and different log in processes.

Technology and logistics also form an integral part of this consideration. As experienced event management professionals we ensure that nothing is left to chance on the day. For a seamless attendee and presenter experience we make sure the right platforms are paired with the right event styles for maximum impact and efficiency.

In fact, as many of our clients have found out, virtual events can open the floor to new kinds of audience participation and new opportunities.

Some of the other areas of consideration regarding virtual conferences include:

  • Audience participation and how you are going to monitor the audience responses to what you are presenting. We have recently shared a piece on audience participation with some of our key ideas for bringing your conference event to life – from polls to Q&A’s, hashtags and so much more.
  • Structuring and planning. Just as you would create an event running order for a physical event, you should do the same for a virtual one and take the time to circulate it among all speakers – especially for a conference. This will ensure that speakers know when they are due on screen and when they need to finish by – helping them create their presentation in line with your timings.
  • Recordings and other details. When in doubt, record every second of your virtual conference. You never know when that footage may come in handy for reuse or reference.

Is a Virtual Conference right for my company?

The pandemic may have brought virtual events into our lives in a way we never expected, but we think it’s clear that they are here to stay. Particularly for large corporate and company events, where remote access widens the audience net and allows more people to log in and benefit from the content available.

For more information on virtual conferences and how we can support you in bringing your next conference to life, get in touch with our team today.

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