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How To Utilise A Green Screen Studio For Your Communications

Put yourself in your very own movie, television show, or virtual location with the help of a green screen studio. No longer just reserved for Hollywood stars, the technology is now available for business owners and marketing masters as well.

A green screen is a piece of technology which allows the block colour to be replaced with any graphics you choose. This works through something called chroma keying, which essentially means layering two images together: the person standing in front of the green screen, and the background that you want them to appear against. Green screen studio filming is produced in front of a green screen, with the post-production process replacing that green backdrop with the ideal location.

Now for the big question – how can something taken straight from Hollywood help your business?

The Benefit of Green Screen Technology for Businesses

We have been working with companies over the last 18 months as they turn their attention towards hybrid working, virtual pitches, internal presentations and event hosting via remote communications platforms. That’s why we don’t just use green screen technology – we’ve made it portable too.

Green screen technology is designed to enhance the appearance of a presentation or recording, providing backdrops which are more interesting, engaging, or relevant for your audience. Through our innovative mobile studios we also help by replacing the need to source an external studio and instead give you the control over the backdrop you want from the comfort of your own space.

It provides an air of professionalism to your more formal pitches and presentations and brings focus back to what matters – your brand, and your key messages. And best of all, our mobile green screen studio brings it all to you.


How can my business use a green screen?
Many companies have successfully used a green screen to produce a high-quality, bespoke company update or product video, both quickly and affordably. This technology provides an excellent, adaptable backdrop to engage your viewers, as they learn more about your offering.

How long does the mobile green screen studio take to set up?

Full set-up takes less than four hours, to include the green screen, lighting, camera, and full control equipment set-up.

What kind of space do I need to make clear for the set up?

One of the best things about a mobile green screen studio is that it conceals and disguises even the smallest and most difficult of spaces, turning even the most vanilla of spaces into somewhere exotic, light and bright, or simply more inspiring and relaxing.

Our standard green screen studio requires floor space which measures 5m x 5m, with a separate space for the control equipment.  Other requirements include a strong internet connection, and a chosen platform through which to host the video, such as Biteable, Wistia or Vimeo.

What kind of backgrounds can you produce using a green screen?

The beauty of green screen technology is that any backdrop can be brought to life in full 3D realism through our system that allows you to mimic your presentation to be from anywhere in the world. You can also create bespoke backdrops that use your branding and logos if you prefer, bringing home the messages and vision of your company for more formal and corporate presentations. Or you can keep it plain and simple and use our green screen studios to disguise an otherwise distracting office space. The choice is completely yours.

What’s Next?

If green screen studio technology is something you are interested in exploring for your next presentation or event, then we’ve got the system and support for you. Having worked with charities, small and large organisations, and global corporations to name but some of our most recent clients, we have experience bringing a multitude of presentations and virtual events to life – both in a completely remote setting and in hybrid environments as well.

Our job, as your technical partner, is to provide guidance and advice on the best approach to your recording, helping you to achieve the most from your presentation.

For more on how we can make our mobile green screen studio work for you, get in touch with our fantastic team and we can help kickstart your next project.

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