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Maximising your Virtual Event Content

When you host a virtual event, not only do you avoid the hefty bills and the inevitable clean-up which come with a physical event – you are also left with a whole host of resources that your company can use for marketing, internal use, and future reference. How? By recording your virtual event and using the footage to maximise your investment.

The event world has never been so varied and exciting, with everything from conferences to award ceremonies, meetings, fundraisers, and even training sessions all able to be hosted completely virtually or under a hybrid umbrella thanks to innovative technology. In this article we look more closely at the footage that can come from a virtual event, and how to maximise your investment by using that content in a multitude of different ways.

Top Tips to Maximise your Virtual Event Content

Before we dive right into the best ways of maximising your footage, it is worth considering whether you will be presenting your event entirely virtually or in more of a hybrid style. This can affect the way you use technology to present and to engage your audience / attendees, and the way you record and edit it together for future use. To understand your options thoroughly, our team are always on hand to talk about new projects and discuss your preferences.

Social Media

The first and arguably one of the most important ways of maximising your event footage draws on another modern innovation for companies in the form of social media content. Using short clips from your virtual event on social media or editing the highlights together to create a short overview video, is a great way of getting your event out to a wider audience and maximising your engagement on social platforms.

Not only is this effective at spreading your brand message on a wider scale, but it can be used to help sell tickets to future events and bolster your marketing calendar with additional content.

Podcasts and Audio Downloads

Similar to the social media avenue but on a more targeted scale, podcasts are growing in popularity every year – with listeners tuning into expert discussions and information sessions from specific industries and areas that they are interested in.

A great way to approach this use of your event footage is to draw out the audio of each key speaker or highlight session and upload them separately as short podcasts. The number of listeners for each will let you know which sessions were most popular – information that can help inform your agenda for future events.

Website Content

If you’re going to record a virtual event, using it on your website is a great way of spotlighting the work you do or the expertise you have in certain areas. There are a number of touchpoints on your site where virtual event content can sit.

For instance, the blog page is a fantastic resource to answer your customer’s prospective questions and position yourself as a thought leader in your field. You can also feature your work in a number of other places on-site, including your ‘news’ page, your ‘about’ section or as a case study on a relevant service page.


Event footage can naturally be used to create event stills – with video footage capturing some of the most natural moments from your event and allowing you to pinpoint those moments into snapshots. This is a great way to overcome the lack of photography that comes from most virtual events, allowing your company to still benefit from still images that can be used on social media, in publications and articles, on your website, and in marketing collateral and brochures.

Supplement Future Event Content

If your event is a training session or a conference and you find yourself regularly recycling the same content, why not record it and use that footage at future events to supplement the live content you present? This can save you time and money at future events and can mix up the style of presentation which in turn keeps attendees motivated and engaged during the course of a later event.

The Takeaway

Whatever your event looks like and however you choose to present it, running and recording a virtual event with Wise Productions can provide you with high quality footage that you can use for months and years to come across your social networks, website, and other marketing channels.

To discuss how to maximise your event footage and leave your event with a plethora of social and marketing content for future campaigns, get in touch with our team or give us a call today on 020 8991 6922.

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