How do we incorporate remote presenters into a Virtual Studio event?

When it comes to successfully hosting a virtual event, there are many factors to take into consideration. One question we are being asked frequently is how can we combine a live host in our Virtual Studio with a remote presenter who might be at home, in an office or even overseas? As travel restrictions continue to disrupt the events industry, we have the ability to connect guests located anywhere in the world with our studio via a robust video link, allowing for live conversations to occur smoothly. To show you this in action, we’ve prepared a short film where our studio presenter has an interaction with another guest joining via video link.

The film also shows how we use clever green screen production techniques to help the studio presenter interact with the remote guest more naturally by facing the screen. Normally in green screen, if the live presenter turned around to face the back wall of the studio they would see nothing but a plain wall of green. However, our advanced studio technology allows them to see the guest joining on video, using a digital projector to display the live video link on the studio wall. We do this by projecting the imagery in green light, so that our virtual production system can still create the 3D studio environment seamlessly.

Bringing remote guests into your event can offer huge possibilities; if you’re hosting a virtual event such as an awards ceremony, why not go live to the award winner for an acceptance speech from their home? Or as part of a conference, you could create a panel of experts to discuss a specific topic? With digital events, geographical barriers can be overcome with the right technology and your online experience can help transport guests to the other side of the world in an instant.

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