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Running a Virtual Training Session

From meetings to pitches, from conferences to events, live streaming and virtual presentations have taken hold of the events world and changed the way that businesses approach their communications, both internally and to customers and clients. Virtual meetings and events have allowed us to connect on a global scale both during the pandemic and ever since, bringing together those who work remotely, internationally, from home, and from the office.

Virtual training in particular has become a key part of company strategy, engaging staff on an internal level and developing their key skillsets in an innovative and experiential way. In this article we discuss how you can leave bland training videos and worksheets behind, and benefit from the structure and effectiveness of a virtual training session.

What does Virtual Training Look like?

Whether you’re looking to deliver small group training or larger company-wide sessions, our technology supports connectivity across a range of audience types – employing the use of green screens, high quality sound and audio equipment, and a selection of engagement tools and functions that we can implement to replicate a collaborative atmosphere.

For most companies, the primary goal of virtual training is to deliver information in the most engaging and efficient way possible. This is achieved by moving away from conference calls and video training in order to create more of a discussion-based and immersive training experience. We also work with a lot of clients who are concerned about a lack of physical training getting in the way of employee focus and motivation, making engagement a core focus point for most virtual sessions.

So, how can you make sure your virtual training sessions are always delivering quality content as well as a high level experience?

How to Deliver a Seamless Virtual Training Session

A seamless virtual training session is one where technology does not hinder or create problems; rather, it is used to deliver a captivating experience no matter how many delegates are logging in from different corners of the world. This means vivid sound paired with striking visuals, plenty of interesting and informative content, and ideally a range of mediums to keep delegates engaged.

Our mobile green screen service is the perfect answer for this. The green screen service can come right to your office, or we can invite you to present your training session from our studio; with both options supported from start to finish by our expert team of professionals. The integration of state-of-the-art audio technology ensures that your training session is as clear as possible, with the ability to record segments for future use.

A few top tips from our team regarding virtual training sessions include:

  • Know the technology at your fingertips. We always recommend a dry run beforehand to ensure that you are knowledgeable on the platform at hand.
  • Test your microphone. Not being able to see the presenter is one thing, but attendees will instantly switch off if they are unable to hear you. It’s really important to know whether headphones work better or worse than the in-built external mics on your device.
  • Boost your signal. If you are operating on a connection has a habit of dropping out sporadically, consider plugging your device directly into your router via an ethernet cable. This can stabilise your connection, but of course, preparation and knowledge beforehand is key!
  • The learning doesn’t have to stop once your presentation is over. You can record the session and take the time afterwards to analyse what went right, what transitions worked the best, and even to evaluate your own performance.

The Takeaway

When it comes to virtual training there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, with every sector, organisation, and internal team bringing a different brief and ideal approach to the table. That’s why working with a team like ours, your individual needs will always be front and centre of the set-up – whether that means focussing more on delivering pre-recorded content, blending virtual and physical training together, or presenting everything from our live green screen studio.

To discuss your next training session and find out if a virtual solution could work for you, get in touch with our team for a full quote and breakdown.

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