Six Things To Consider When Selecting a Virtual Event Production Company

Virtual event functions have bolstered the breadth and capability of countless ‘traditional’ live events through streaming services, integrated technologies and much more. In a post pandemic world where hybrid and virtual events become more mainstream, and the number of companies promising virtual wizardry has boomed, you may be wondering what elements you need to look for when selecting a virtual event production company that is fit for purpose for your virtual event?

A great way to start this off is by considering what kind of virtual event you are looking to host and what kind of interaction and engagement levels you want to generate.

If, for example, you are hosting a virtual charity event, like we did recently for GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital), you might decide that you want to live stream from multiple locations, or want an integrated fundraising platform that includes a building total which viewers and ‘event guests’ can access and view at their leisure. If you opt instead for more of a studio-based experience, bringing your event to a virtual audience from a single and central location, you will need the technology and a suitable location throughout in which to bring that to life.

With many companies to choose from we understand that it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to choose the right partner to work with. Therefore, here are our six things to consider when selecting a virtual event production company.



When it comes to experience, it’s true what they say, “The more, the better’. 

Some of the best virtual event production companies out there haven’t popped up and established themselves just as a result of the pandemic. Like us, they have been operating behind the scenes of live event production for years, and are now in the perfect position to capitalise on the sudden shift towards events which use, celebrate, and rely on virtual technology.

Here at Wise Productions, our story started 25 years ago when we first established ourselves as an event production company capable of supporting events in every technical capacity – including sound, lighting, video and set design. What experience does is prove how well equipped a company is to handle any demand and eventuality that inevitably can occur during a project. And experience isn’t just the number of years a company has been active – it can also be found in its testimonial and case studies pages, across its social media platforms, and within its photo gallery.



Top tip:

“With virtual event production exploding in popularity over the past year, so has the number of businesses that provide the service. To be sure you work with a trusted and credible provider, we’d strongly recommend checking the experience and credibility of anyone you choose to work with. With the world working remotely and virtual event production coming into its own, this has opened the door for ‘pop-up’ businesses offering potentially inferior products that may over promise and not actually have the experience or expertise to meet the demands of your dream virtual event.

As with any event, an awful lot of planning goes into every little detail for a virtual event so you need a production company that knows the intricacies of the cutting edge technology that is required to take your event to the next level.

At Wise Productions, we’ve produced events at a whole host of prestigious venues across the United Kingdom, including The National History Museum, The Royal Opera House and the Tate Modern. We know how to get pitch-perfect sound in a challenging acoustic setting, how to transform a venue with the architectural details of lighting and understand ways of harnessing the critical element of video so that it is delivered to the highest standard for your event.


We pride ourselves on the array of services we can provide – and while a lot of it comes from our team’s skill and expertise, we also have our equipment to thank. For an effective modern day virtual or hybrid event, some of the equipment requirements you will need, and should be looking out for include:

  •   A high tech studio where live streaming is built into the very fabric of the surrounding walls
  •   Remote solutions including portable green screens for at-home streaming
  •   Virtual venues to suit every style of event
  •   Audience interactive platforms to encourage engagement, voting, Q&A’s, and more
  •   State-of-the-art level sound, lighting, and filming capability

In the delivery of virtual events a vital piece of technology we have invested in is the implementation of 3D technology. This allows your stage and backdrop to be anywhere you desire with a number of venues and virtual studios already pre-designed to help with those shorter lead-times. 

However, if you have time at your disposal, prepare to be amazed. We have the tools to create any iconic venue or immersive 3D world that can act as the backdrop for your event. Equipment can make or break the delivery of a virtual event and it’s something to carefully consider when choosing your selected event provider.

The Right Recommendations

This is an element that we already touched on, and something you should pay close attention to both in terms of what is being reviewed and who is leaving the reviews. 

Nothing builds trust more than high-quality recommendations and we are proud to say that a vast majority of our existing work is as a result of relationships we have built within the industry and connections that have been formed as part of these partnerships.  We firmly believe that the best work and the most meaningful collaborations are created when two parties are like-minded in their approach to the project at hand. 

For more on the kind words we have personally received from clients, click here.


Top tip:

“Don’t be afraid to ask a prospective partner for a reference or for a case study of a similar project that you are looking to host!


The final marker of a great virtual event production company is a fair and reflective cost. This can be based on the production company’s level of expertise, the technology involved in delivering the event and the time required from the production company.

Make sure when you contrast quotes from different providers that you are comparing like for like wherever possible. This can be difficult in the live, hybrid and virtual event setting as there are many components involved. It’s not always easy to see on paper why one virtual experience is so much more expensive than another, but in the final delivery of the event the cheaper solution may be more evident and not match your desired outcomes.

Any experienced and reputable event management company will take the time to talk you through your requirements and options so that you are fully briefed and understand the specifics of the proposal. Remember, the right cost is not necessarily the cheapest one, but it is important that it is a fair one.


Ultimately in business and in life, people are everything. In an event setting, either live, hybrid or virtual you will be working closely with the event production team and may face challenges where you need to work together to find a solution. 

When making your decision on the virtual event company you are going to partner with, don’t be afraid to ask to meet the team. This will allow you to get a feel for the personalities you will be working with on the day and throughout the planning process. Forming a close bond and working relationship is not only crucial for the smooth delivery of the event, but can also make the whole process a more enjoyable experience.

Ready To Host Your Virtual Event

If you are considering hosting a virtual event and are looking for a production partner then we are here to help. You can read more about our early days and company history on our Wise Productions page, which is further supported by our dedicated virtual events website targeted at those considering virtual and hybrid events. To talk to us about your upcoming event, you can visit our contact page or call us on 020 8991 6922.

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