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Top 5 Reasons to Include Virtual Events in Your 2022 Strategy

Whether you’re a virtual event veteran, found yourself testing the value of virtual events in 2020/2021 during the pandemic, or are completely new to virtual events and have no idea where to start, you’ve landed in the right place. Virtual events have become a crucial part of communication and connection through the pandemic, offering businesses, charities, and all manner of companies a way of opening themselves up to both a local and a global stage. In this blog we will be sharing 5 reasons why you MUST consider virtual events in 2022, and some of the crucial next steps to take.

Virtual Events vs. Physical Events

Before we dive into the top 5 reasons to include virtual events in your 2022 strategy, it’s worth understanding the value of virtual events to support an existing programme of physical events – regardless of your industry or audience type.

Physical events are what we use to create that immersion that businesses want to present to their customers and their internal team – and it’s easy to see virtual events as simply a means to an end when real events were off the table. However, the development of new and innovative technologies means that virtual events have carved out their own place, enabling you to produce a wider variety of events which tap into and engage different audiences depending on their location and accessibility.

And so, we are led nicely into point number one: the ability to open your event to a wider and more productive audience.

Top 5 Reasons To Consider Virtual Events in 2022

Widen your Audience

Virtual events alleviate limitations on the number of attendees that a venue can hold – enabling you to reach a wider audience with every event. They also allow you to remove physical and geographical barriers with an accessible event that can be attended on a global scale, giving your brand a bigger audience.

Maximise Spend and Investment

Virtual events use technology which is not only great for bringing the event itself to life, but also provides a means of recording the event in full. This leaves you with a ton of assets to use post-event, which you can shape into small snapshots of value and information and share with your audience across social media, learning resource platforms and your website.

Using Tech!

Many have become more tech-savvy as a result of the pandemic, and a virtual event presents a simple opportunity to show how your business is moving with the modern world, hand in hand with technology. Of course, to impress attendees and your event audience you need to ensure the tech associated with your virtual event is spot on. But that’s where we come in, providing industry leading support and event management services to a range of sectors.

The Value of Internal Comms

Virtual event technology isn’t just ideal for your public audience – it can also help create high quality pitches to clients and investors and present a strong internal communications system to bring inhouse messaging and updates to life without the need for travel and venue hire. Our mobile green screens let you pick up the studio and place yourself anywhere in the world through quality imaging and technology – leaving the bland office backdrop behind.

Balance your Strategy

If there’s one thing that’s come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s the idea that diversifying your marketing strategy is as beneficial as ever. Blending virtual events into your existing events programme and building out a well-rounded comms plan is key to establishing a secure base moving into 2022. So if lockdown should strike again, you’re well versed in bringing your business to life through the big (or small) screen.

Here at Wise Productions, we have spent the last 18 months and more helping clients to adapt to a virtual events program – creating engaging and successful events for both global and more local audiences depending on the client’s needs. As 2022 approaches, we are looking forward to partnering once again with old and new clients – exploring the potential for hybrid events as well as standard physical events and the new and improved virtual event opportunities.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you build virtual events into your 2022 strategy and safeguard your events programme now and for the future of your business.

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