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Virtual Events in the Healthcare Space

With global healthcare spending set to reach over $10 trillion by 2022, and with the sector embodying a wide selection of organisations which include the care sector, hospitals and GP practices, mental health facilities, pharmacies and more, the healthcare space is one of the most influential sectors in the world. And while each of these different organisations and individual sectors embodies its own workforce and targets, it is only through collaboration that each sector can continue to operate effectively and smoothly. What this means for organisations in the space is that sharing content and knowledge is not only beneficial – it is crucial to developing understanding and spreading knowledge as far and wide as possible. One of the best ways to do this is through a healthcare virtual event which can be attended by anyone in the industry – and here’s why.

Benefits of a healthcare virtual event

Global Outreach

With the pandemic putting physical events and conferences on hold for over a year, more and more companies and industries have been turning to virtual events to continue to connect, network, and share knowledge. For the healthcare industry, virtual events have allowed different organisations and sectors to share knowledge particularly prevalent to the management of the pandemic and the covid-19 virus – putting up a united front on the global stage and bringing people together in support.

On the same note, virtual events also continue to enable organisations to open their doors wider and invite more participants to join their events. This improves learning and creates a shared understanding as well as enabling a larger audience base for each event.

One of the core benefits of a virtual event, regardless of the industry, is its accessibility to attendees all over the world, enabling them to not only view the footage after the event but become part of the conversation through a livestream event. This leads to…

Audience Participation

Interaction and engagement is a major part of a successful event no matter the topic, with enhanced technology allowing audiences across the globe to interact with the event and the presenters as if they were on stage themselves. With such a large selection of platforms available, this is particularly great for Q&A’s, keeping organisations connected and able to learn from each other even when geography and a lack of physical attendance gets in the way.

Long Lasting Content

Creating accessible and engaging content to use online, on social media, and in various publications is not always easy for the healthcare industry. However, presenting a virtual event provides a plethora of content to share with both industry professionals and followers. We recommend recording any virtual event you present and cutting it into bitesize chunks, suitable for resharing and attaching to various messages and publications you send out. This adds weight to the content and credibility to the organisation.

Cost Efficient

No matter which sector of the healthcare industry (or any other industry) you work in, adaptability is always a benefit. A virtual event opens the door for you to easily re-purpose and re-circulate your event content, to the wider audience who otherwise might not have been able to attend the live event.

Types of virtual events for healthcare

If virtual events have piqued your interest, consider some of the following ideas to bring your healthcare organisation to life and optimise the way you engage with other companies in the sector.

Conferences: From GP conferences to general medical training through to the most specific topics in the industry, virtual conferences enable more interaction with all attendees and ensure that the maximum number of people are able to attend.

CPD Training: Continued Professional Development training is a big part of many organisational benefits packages for team members, and conducting this training online not only makes it easier for attendees to access, but it cuts training costs at the root.

Research and Training: Why limit the boundaries of your research and training when you could open the floor to a global audience and bring learning from a variety of industry corners together?

Company Comms: It’s not just external connections which benefit from virtual events – they also offer a way of keeping your internal team connected and up to date with company news and announcements.

Technology Showcase: Introducing, sharing, and highlighting the best new technology in the industry – a virtual technology showcase puts technology itself to the test and keeps the healthcare industry pushing forward.

Virtual events present a wide range of benefits and can be used to bring all manner of different event styles and ideas to life – but they are not always easy to put together and manage on your own. That’s where we come in, offering all-round support before, during and after the event to ensure that both you and your attendees get the most from the experience.

To discuss your healthcare virtual event at planning stage, and how to maximise your event footage for future campaigns, get in touch with our team or give us a call today on 020 8991 6922.

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